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This is from Ginger's earlier posting regarding getting your little pic/ avatars:

well i wish i could be there with you then i would show you myself. just go to coldplaying.com and all the pics of the band members are small enough to fit. just right click in one of the pics then go to properties then copy the url then paste it where it suppose to go. thats if you want an avatar of a band member from this site or if not then just go find a pic 80 pixels or less and put it in.

So go to your Profile, see the very bottom says "Avatar", paste the URL there! Or if you have some other pics you like, or it's too big, I think Ian said you can just email it to him, and he will upload it on the server. Hope this is clear??


Yeah, I was in England for 2 weeks in July. I was in London, Canterbury a little, also went up to Oxford area, I think the most up north to Warwickshire area. (Maybe next time to your hood' Jane!) I am sure I will be back next year, so maybe I will see you gals!! :wink:

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hi ppl


woh.... :shock: i havnt been here in a while sorry...so much studying to do...well i see we have a new person who need help well i hope what i said earlier helps....well let me just say hi to all of you

hi welcome to the board

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Everyone's been very quiet since Friday - are you all logging on at work and not at weekends, or what?


Hey, thanks, Buttercup - I haven't got round to doing the Avatars thing yet - other people have been monopolising the computer all weekend - but I will.


I've checked out the 'sharing' websites, such as Kazaa, this weekend - with instruction from someone more 'knowing' than I am! It's cool - anyone been there?


Been listening to AROBTTH AGAIN - it seems every time I listen I find something new! This album is greater than ANYTHING by The Beatles or the Stones - to mention just two ...! What do the rest of you think?[/img][/code]

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Hi Victoria!

I am new to the board, too and not 17 anymore either so you're not alone with this... :wink: How old are you exactly? Somewhere in your 20s? And "In my Place" is your fav song? It blows me away every time I listen to it. The beginning is just so energetic and awesome - certainly a stroke of genius!

I downloaded a lot of stuff from Kazaa, too like all the b-sides from Coldplay and TONS of other songs from other bands (yeah, there still is a world outside of planet Coldplay... 8) ) - it is such a convenient thing! What would I be without the internet?! :shock:

And I agree with you: "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is a masterpiece! You can't compare Coldplay to any other band out there at the moment and I just know for a fact I'll still be listening to their albums when I'm old and broke... :?

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im back!!!


hi guys!!


im back!! ive been gone for a week because ive been REALLY busy - I turned 25 on Saturday and had a 4-day party to celebrate! :shock: well ive just about sobered up now and ive been aching to post for a few days now so here i am :D


the two Scientist B-Sides are superb - ive continued to listen to them more and I Ran Away is becoming one of my favourite tracks. I still feel that 1.36 is still quite subject to taste though. I will take some time to post lots of replies etc. tonight when i get home (im at work in my lunch brake atm) so take care - I missed you all lots!! :(




Hicksy :P

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Oh and by the way Q Awards


Best Album of 2002 - AROBTTH

Best Act in the World Today - Radiohead


Q have the best taste in artists ever!!


my predictions is with Radiohead's new album due next year they will take best album and best act for 2003!


the following year I think Coldplay may just take both in reply with a new album (please guys!!)


god i hope i live that long - i will even get to see both the new Lords of the Rings films


note to self - MUST survive until 2004 at all costs!



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why thank you kind sir!! Tries best to be posh but can't cos I'm a geordie and it's impossible to sound posh!!! :D *hugs back at'cha*


I've decided not to have any more birthdays!!! but to live for many years as 26 year old!!! It worked for my nana she always said she was 82, when she died she was 93!!! Bless!!!


Nice long lunch break then - they sound a bit like mine. :wink:

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