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anyone heard or have melody a.m.

and good tastes that i can trust?


i wanna know if it's their best or if poor leno's the only good thing on there



*shh... it'll get out*

*check out the AIF*


*no! AIF.. bastard*


*ask ClOCK GAL*

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how do you like THAT?! a lot! hahaha

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Im not sure if there will be many fans on this site, but as there was no thread on them, i made one!


basicly, royksopp are an electronica group from Tromso in Norway. Their debut album Melody A.M is one of the best ive heard in a very long time, with there best tracks being, So easy, Poor leno, Remind me, She's so and of course the mighty 40 years back/come


all i can say is buy the album or atleast download some of there songs, trust me i cant wait till there next album is released

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Ah..you can Add another fan to that list ;) i actually had my album stolen in college :/ and rather than downloading it...I bought it again. I try to justify ALL my downloads by that fact :embarrased: <and that i sometimes BUY charity downloadings :) >

Anyway, yes i love that album...there's not a song on the album i don't like, and they were amazing at Glastonbury <from what i saw on TV :dozey: > any news on WHEN a new album is out? or even if there is one being made?

I have some live Gigs/sets and i hear some songs i've not heard before, but i don't know the names of them.

I also thought that the remix of Clocks though, was just 80% good. i expected something better, i liked it...but it wasn't Different enough, i thought.


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