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Subway Stamps are Gone!


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Why doesn't it? What don't you understand?


They will no longer be using stamps for 'points', Subway is using another card now.Professor Peedston, was asking if he could still use his old card, and I said yes, but they won't be issuing anymore stamps.

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haha! omg that's so funny. i always collected the stamps, but never bothered using them so i don't really care that they are going to stop doing that.


i just feel bad for my ex-boyfriend and his roommates. that's all they ate last year. his one roommate stole a huge roll of them and they basically lived off of that for at least 2 or 3 months. haha when they'd play poker he'd use the stamps when he ran out of money. ahhh good times.

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this is a jip when i heard it!! :lol: :lol:

i heard u can trade ur stamps in till a certain date.. if u don't have a full card u can exchange them for .40 cents.. that's basically its value.




whenever u redeem a stamp. like u did a whole card, u have to buy a drink!!! hahaha. whose gonna redeem a .40cent stamp then, when u have to buy a 2 dollar drink!!!!!!!!!!


and ya, i heard about the stole the roll thing too... funny shit :lol:

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Yes, I went to subway yesteday for dinner and they are still taking the stamp cards until early August. But they have stopped handing out stamps. So if you still have stamps, you can still redeem them, even individual stamps. There is a chart on the glass when you walk in where you order.


And about the 'catch' that sweet marianne is referring to, nothing in life is free. They always had it that way, you have to buy a drink with your free sub. If you were to redeem only one stamp, you would get like 40 cents off, and you wouldn't have to buy a drink.

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it's too bad i never used the stamps anyways. i never liked asking for them from this one place 'cause the owner once gave me the evil eye when the lady next to me asked for one for me. doesn't matter, probably won't be eating there anytime soon..

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