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I miss Noni!

Mojo Pin

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I miss those people too! But y'know, its different when your on the other end of the spectrum and you simply dont have time to post and you kinda fall out of loop with whats going on. Just makes it hard to get back into the swing of things by just posting...

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A person can post or start a thread for whatever reason they wish mate. !

Emm some of your threads....


you know i have nothing to do in this topic and i miss other people too but don't you think reilly isn't really the best example of a " questionable " -thread poster :rolleyes: of course i can go and create a thousand island threads about this and that and how i have 3563 posts left before i hit 15693 posts or whatever. but is it really necessary?

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i miss the oldies too ren, ... or the few i knew of them. and i totally wasn't questioning if this thread should be done, only the fact that there are other threads that are like billion times worthless than this and no one says a crap about them and then daryl who goes creating self worthless topics comes and blaims it on other people.


YES i'm on a bad mood at the very moment and i've lost my point already.

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yes i do :cry:

I also miss Laura, Fif , Mimi, Sammie ,Julia and everybody else i dont see on as much as before :bigcry:

Ren! :( I miss you too!!! :embarrased: And I miss allll those people too. The oldies need to all come back! Noni is the friendliest ever!!!!!! :embarrased:

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Usually when you notice theres a bunch of people leaving, theres about 5 or 6 decent new people that are beggining to post which works as some kinda compensation.


Not that any member is REPLACEABLE, but I'd just like it if there was more people on and this place was less boring all of the time.

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