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What's your fav Red Hot Chili Peppers cd?


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notice how the albums getting votes are all the more commercial albums: bssm, californication, and by the way (not to mention their greatest hits cd which probably shouldn't even be included in this)




i voted for californication with mother's milk in a close second :D

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Yeah of course the most commercial. I think that's bcuz 1. this is absolutely no RHCP board, 2. well, hardly anyone would say "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" is the best (although "Fight Like A Brave" rulez :D :lol:), cuz it's simply not that music you would listen to all day.....it's good, it's fresh, but not plausible enough.

I don't know any non-Peppers-lover who knows BSSM.

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I would have voted for BSSM but I don't really like all the swearing. I still love the music, and I think it's got the best songs on it. I would have voted Californication because it is very awesome, but I have played it way to often. So I voted BTW as I really like alot of the songs, and I like the mellowness on it.


edit: I really love What Hit's?!? tho. It has some really good songs on it such as Fight Like a Brave, Higher Ground, Knock Me Down, and Show Me Your Soul <-- Awesome song

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