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i was more excited to see edgar wright and simon pegg actually, i love those two. they were both jammin out with ash, them simon came out again with gwyneth right before coldplay takin pics of the crowd. two of the coolest people, with the best band. it was a great night. plus, keith allen dancing on stage in that silly outfit, i couldn't stop laughing.

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yeah i saw his dad, what a cutie... i stood at the pyramid stage all day beginning at the kaiser chiefs, so i kept moving up, by the coldplay set i was like second row. so i got to see everyone, very cool. well worth the money spent and the journey over the pond.

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I may be wrong but isn't the person at the end of In My Place Michael Eavis? Only Chris had just done the "Michael Eavis is on the knees of Coldplay" thing. Just wondering how people would know what Chris' dad looked like!

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Mimixxx hi!!!!!

could you send those pic again?????????

cause it won´t open in my computer.........................thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They rocked at glasto didn´t they??????? :) :)

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