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Chris' Top


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yeh he was wearing the same top in dublin' date=' someone asked the question on the offical site, apperently there holes to allow the bodie to breath[/quote']


Where did you find this on the site? and does anybody have a web address for the clothing company? I'm trying to find a shirt that is something similiar to chris' for a friend.

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I thought the holes were hilarious at first! :lol: I asked Debs once and she said that it was for the body to breathe and so he can lift his hands all the way up without his shirt interrupting. Looks funny though!


I thought he'd been jumping around too much

and ripped his top hehe then I realised

it was on both sides and knew it was

meant to be there.


....What is he teaching Apple!

"It's ok to have holes in your clothes baby

let's act like we're not rich mwahhhh!" :wink3:

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...i had my mom watch the mtv special, and she also asked about the arm-pit holes, and just for a laugh, i told her it was for his body to breathe...what an interesting look... think this will turn into a huge clothing fad worn by all?


...oh and can anyone tell me, what's w/ the jonny hat? is that a drawing of a woman on it?

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