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Pictures from the Coldplay concert in Arnhem


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I have none :( Have a really bad camera, and I was standing on the wrong side of the stage. Guy always stands to your right if you are in the audience, and Jonny's on the left. So I think I do have one of Guy, but a very vague one... :(


But I am defo going to try again in Barcelona!!! :D :D :D

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yep, bought the tickets yesterday! It so weird to be going to Spain only to see Coldplay! (Ok I am going to check out Barcelona as well but still! hahaha :D)


I did go to Germany, but Dusseldorf is like an hour away from where I live, so that's not really a foreign country... it's like going to Rotterdam... so it feels so odd...

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Thanks for all the lovely comments. And about Guy..... i didn't get a good picture of him, first thing he was on the wrong side of the stage. So i couldn't get him on it. And when they were on the front of the stage alltogether i took a picture of him. But behind him was this big lamp, so the picture turned out pretty bad. That's why you can't see his face. Better luck next time i guess....

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