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Coca Cola Zero


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Its all over the US. I haven't tried it yet... and coke doesn't suck!


coke sucks. put on a glass of coke a meat steak during a week and see what happen with the steak, the same do a coke on your stomach if you drink it a lot.


Urban legend alert!!!





Anyway, what will ultimately determine whether or not this Coca-Cola Zero thing sinks or swims will be its taste. I got a bottle today (as I promised), and it more or less does taste like Diet Coke. I do think it's better though. There's less of that weird aftertaste (it's still there... but at least it's diminished). Will I buy it again? I dunno. Maybe I would if I drank excessive amounts of cola, but if I was doing that, I wouldn't be very health-conscious to begin with. I'm just not a diet soda drinker.

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