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What section of the board do you visit most?


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OK the big two: Coldplay vs Lounge.


And for a matter of conversation lets just talk about what sections you visit in order when you usually come on here.


Well, usually I come on, look around the Lounge and post as much and look for anything I can post in, and when people stop replying, I'll briefly check the music or Entertainment forums, and then go back to the Lounge. If nothings up there I'll go to the Announcement forums and then go back to Music and Entertainment and actually read something, if Im really bored I go to Arnie, and if Im on the computer for a while, sometimes I'll go to the Coldplay section to see if I can find anything to make fun of.


But obviously its different for you people who actually like Coldplay.


So what do you do when you log on?

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I start out by checking to see if there are any new posts in the mod forums. Then its straight for the Lounge followed by Entertainment, then World of Music, then Coldplay, then Coldplay Live. Then if I remember, i check out the Announcements. And if I'm bored and killing some time I browse my way through the rst of the place!!

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