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What section of the board do you visit most?


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I post mostly in here and world of music, but if we're looking for order :wacko:

First I go to the mod section, then newbies, then multimedia, then music/art&entertainment and end up in the lounge. I look at the other sections for any scandalous thread titles or interesting ones :idea2:

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similar to Jenjie..


I check out the mod forum.. for any latest in forum gossip.. I mean.. news.. forum news :sneaky: heheheh then I go to the lounge..... other music.. entertainment, news, ... then sometimes the Coldplay forum and albums and stuff...

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I almost always check the Lounge first, just to see what you nutty folks are talking about. Then I go to the Music Lounge, and then the other forums vary.


Oh, and then the Mod forum for the champagne and carrots being served daily. Excellent.

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Well' date=' lately I have been going to the lounge alot more, but I prefer to go to the Coldplay section. Especially for the captions! :D[/quote']


The same here :) ....lately I've posted a lot in The Lounge but my favourite is the Coldplay section...both for the captions and the discussions :rolleyes: ...but I also visit the international forums a lot ;)

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Guest LiquidSky

- Mods sec. 1st because I can :lol: :P

- Multimedia sec. 'cause I'm obsessed :lol: :embarrased: although I don't d/l most of the stuff 'cause I would never finish... :rolleyes:

- The Lounge sec. to see what is going with the rest of the memembers :D

- Coldplay to see if Jess has finally posted the Guy picture, which so far no luck :/

- and then just the rest of the other sections... But sometimes when I'm just here for like 4 or 5 minutes that's just because I only logged in to check my pms ;)

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