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Where Is My Boy? - WOW


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i don't know to be honest, i don't normally watch it, but i just watch this episode by chance, thought it was good, then the faultline track came on.

In the episode one of the police officers gets shot and dies thats all i can really remember

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it sounded on csi miami? :surprised: when? which episode? which season? :thinking:


Yes it was Miami, it was an old episode, I don't remember exactly which episode it was. That show plays good music. CSI had played new Radiohead songs for like 3 episodes in a row before.

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where can i download this song ?

the title sounds so familiar to me, but i'm not sure that i've ever heard it....

i've just got it ...

btw: i can hear some noises in the song. especially at the beginning ... is that ok ?

btw2: the song is great !!!

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