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Road Trip: Miami to Ottawa. Where to stop?


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I'll be driving the I-95 north from Miami to Ottawa in a couple of weeks. Before that, I'll be in and around Miami, taking a trip to Key West for sure, who knows what else. I'll be driving through Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virgina, DC, possibly Jersey or Pennsylvania, and some part of New York state.


Now, where should I stop? :)

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I remember the family vacation that I went to when I was little. We drove down to Florida from Toronto, 3 days we spent getting there because we stopped in a couple of cities. It wasn't for shopping though, so I can't really help you there. Washington DC is very nice if you stop there, the caves in Virginia too.

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Britt's house. More specifically' date=' Britt's room. Britt's pool table. Britt's garden bench.[/quote']


even though im offended...lol you really should kyle!!!


ill give you a tour

we'll go to the beach...if it isnt raining haha

well go to my parents' wine cellar :wink3:


plenty of things to do

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reilly shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


universal and disney are highly over priced-plus..im on 95-and orlando is a detour...youd have to take the turnpike and that costs money..its a big to do and its only fun when youre there for more than one day..


so come visit me!!!! ha! bitches

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