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For Guy Fans!!The NO Gold Bag Lady Zone!!!


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The diaries of The Killer Gold Bag!!! coming to a theater near you! :lol:

























although it would be scary seeing a gold bag trying to kill me..... :stunned: :stunned:

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im scared!!!!!!!!!!! :bigcry:



lets be scared together!!!


who wants to be scared with us!!!??!!








































































PS : guy, you know we are joking :smug: !














































^just in case :anxious:

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"And the spies came out of the water

But you're feeling so bad 'cos you know

And the spies hide out in every corner

But you can't touch them no

'Cos they're all spies"




GBL is a spy...

and she's coming out of the water?

Omfg, i won't go to the beach/swimming pool this week o__O

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