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Three different versions of Fix You!

The Fixer

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Yeah, you read it correctly. Believe it or not, I've noticed there are three different versions of Fix You.


1.The album version (the complete one), which lasts 4:56

2.One edit version, the shorter, which lasts 4:09

3.The third one is also an edit, but in this case it lasts 4:37. This is the one I call the 'Video Edit' because it does contain the full guitar/drum-based part at the end.


My question is... ¿Which of the three do you like the most and why?

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The full version. The radio edit (or shortest one) made me angry. They cut out the whole drums part before the singing!




I hate that version more every time I hear it. What is wrong with people and always having to skip right to singing?! I absolutely love that instrumental part of Fix You!


:angry: x2

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I love how the song begins with '...When you try your best but you don't suceed' in the radio edit, i find the piano at the start a bit boring. But I'm angry that they cut out some of the instrumental bit :angry:


So the perfect one for me is the video edit, it sounds AWESOME when you hear the fireworks go off when the drums kick in

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