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X&Y- New White Cover Version (Japan only)


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I posted this on a thread in the b-sides forum but figured I'd put ithere as well where more people could see it and, possibly, get to the bottom of it.


as for the new Japanese version of X&Y, the one with the white cover, I found this...


according to amazon.com it is just a "lower-priced" new prining of the album. looking at the tracklisting you'll see that the bonus songs are the same... TKK/HYSTW. Twisted Logic is now Twisted Logic Silence . This may be of note (a new version) but i more then likely a typo.




but... according to this ebay auction (no I am NOT the seller) they claim that this printing has a brand new bonus song on it which has replaced HYSTW. Notice they go to great legth to hype this up... but never tell us the name of the new song. That seems strange to me. I suppose they could have heard the song, but not being able to read Japanese, could not give us a title. Again, I am not the seller on this item.




Im not sure why they would take off HYSTW and put a new song on. (Add a couple more songs for a special printing... sure.) The ebay auction states it was taken off all together though and you gotta wonder why. That would be like them putting out a UK version with SITS taken of and Proof tacked on. Bands dont change up tracklistings on albums too often as far as I've seen. It could be different in Japan though for all I know. When all is said and done I have to go with the amazon listing. If anyone has any or info I'd love to hear it. There is also a listing for this item on amazons Japan site in case anyone can help out with reading that.



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