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Will and Guy Aftonbladet Interview.


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Hi everybody¡¡


I´d be very very grateful if any of you, coud do a little transcript of the interview, I am not English, and although I can understand it a little bit, I would love to understand better what they say.


Thanks in advance.


And VIVA COLDPLAY ( and Guy :D )

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W: It must be quite difficult for him [Chris being in the limelight]. But you know, we can see it a bit because, obviously we're in close contact with him and so we see what's happening, slightly from afar.


I think for a long time it did really bother him, but I think he's learning to deal with it. He says like they're always...in every job there are things that you don't like, there are aspects to it, which are undesirable


W: It's brilliant. Like you say it's the best of both worlds really. We bask in our anonymity. It's amazing. It doesn't get much better. We get to play music every day and make a great living out of it.


W: We don't set out to be boring or set out to make boring music.


G: There isn't one single critic who knows who we are. That's the thing. Nobody's ever spent enough time with us to really realise what goes on. And nobody ever will.


W: We're very skilled at hiding our personal lives and that's the way we like it. We like our music to be the thing that people know us for. If people think we're boring people, then that, to me, seems like we've done our job. Because it means they don't know what they're talking about.

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Oh Guy's hair... I love Guy's hair... Ooooh Guy's hair...




Yes. These are the things I take notice of when looking at pictures. :lol:


I can't help it, I have missed the crazy hairness. This makes me haaaappy! :kiss:

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What do you mean about downloading the clip? I went to the site and clicked where you said and it seems to have worked for me. :huh:


Excellent interview by the way, if just for the fact that Guy is flippin' gorgeous lately. Honestly....... And Will, whooa.


I like how Guy's hair has gotten longer again, since he had it all crazy back when I first got REALLY into Coldplay about 3 (or 4?!) years ago now. It's nice and nostalgic for me :lol:

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Has anyone worked out how to download the clip??



I'm trying but extracting and converting flash (.swf) is a pain in the ass... :embarrased: I've found the link but my converter doesn't like .swf's it seems.. I'll try to have it uploaded by tomorrow if I can get it working.


and thanks so much!! :kiss:

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