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Professor Peedston

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Im not a wise kid, thanks for reminding me.


About 9 years ago, when the only thing I used my computer for was that sweetass Spiderman game, I noticed how icky and dirty my keyboard was. So, in order to be a good kid and make my family happy I got a bucket of soapy water and washed the sucker down.


When the next day my brother realised some keys on the keyboard werent working he asked me if I knew why and I said I have no idea, and when he left I thought I didnt wash it enough to I ran a bath full of hot water and ripped the keyboard out of the computer and threw it in.


Lets just say we had to purchase a new keyboard.

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Well you think thats bad I used a musical keyboard for 3 months and I always wondered why the neighbours looked in at me and pointed and laughed, the damn thing never worked.


But its working now, and I have no idea how :shrug:

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oh man my last computer, the screen just suddenly turned like yellowish green on me and thats when i thought i should get a new one. I got a freakin virus on that one where i had to wipe out windows completely and download it again and i think from there one my comp just started acting weird on me.

I did pour some 7 up on the keyboard but nothing happened to it.

But its true what mr peed says, i have a laptop and it would not be good if i pour something on the keyboard cause there is something very important under it. ;)

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