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Favourite movies!!


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Pod People' date=' yeah... that kid is a superb actor... He's way up there with Joe Don Baker in Mitchell...[/quote']


Are you talking about the movie Pod People about the boy that found an egg in the forest and named the alien that hatched from it Trumpy? It was an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my favorites, in fact. My avatar is from that episode ("It stinks!"). Hilarious! :lol: :lol:

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and (dont laugh!!) watership down because its so sad and my fav film as a kid!! :D


Oh, Watership Down is a great movie! :-D


ah so proud im not alone on that!! ;) :D


They just don't make 'em like that anymore... I've still got to get it on DVD!

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Alright - a fellow Mystie on the board! I love the show! The Joel years are my favorite. :D


That's awesome that your band covered the theme song! One of my high school friend's band tried to do it, but it didn't turn out to well.

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:o I cannot choose 3, I usually put down about 10.

1) Lord of the rings the two towers

2) The fellowship of the ring (I am a lord of the rings freak)

3) Moulin Rouge, or shrek, or Bridget Jones, or Girlinterrupted or the 6th sense (one of those ;))

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