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Favourite movies!!


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I'm new on the board...so firstly I love Coldplay and secondly I love movies (obviously :) )!!

I'd like to get to know you...so if you told me your absolutely favourite movie (just one...well okey...that's too hard...sooo let's say top 3 movies of all time!) it would be nice, because I think it tells a lot about a person!


So I'll sart:

*Being John Malkovitch*

*Dangerous Liaisons*





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omg yeah!!


you, doing that thing you do! breaking my heart into a million pieces, like you always doooooooo. and i try so hard to forget you girl, but it's just so hard to do. cause i can't take you doing that thing you doooooooooo.!


i am sparticus!!! lol. (only people who have seen that thing you do will get that.)

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Being John Malkovich was soooo weird!but i liked it.

my fav...hmmm.... i've listed it before... don't remeber now...Fight Club, Moulin Rouge, a life less ordinary and loads more... can't remeber 'em all


Weird!!?? totally...I don't know what is going on inside Charlie Kaufman's head!! ;) On the other side, if you thought THAT was weird, try to read the original script : http://www.godamongdirectors.com/scripts/bejomalk.txt it's even more insane!!!!

:o :)

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That isn't very difficult:

Trainspotting and Fight Club. Definitely Trainspotting


Hmm...have you red Trainspotting the book by Irwin Welsh (?) !!?? It's sooooo much better that the movie, though that was a classic also! You might wanna try!! :)

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Yeah' date=' I've read Trainspotting. Five times or even more! :D It's brilliant, even though I read the German translation.[/quote']shit i forgot that one!!! how imbarresing, i have the poster haning on my wall :oops:
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