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Bowling for Columbine


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Ok I saw this movie on Saturday. It's a documentary made by Michael Moore, he made Roger and Me. It's an excellent film about the gun culture in the U.S. and the tragedy of Columbine. It debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and I was upset I couldn't make the screening of it, but luckily they released it to a few theatres in the city recently. I recommend it, I learned so much in the two hours.


Keep your eyes out for it.


*two thumbs up*

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Went to see it yesterday, absolutly brilliant especially when they take two of the columbine victims to wal-mart and protest against the bullets! Or when he opens the bank account and gets a free gun!


Those Michigan Malitia are fucking loopers, the little baby looked like she'd been raised by a pack of wolves or something!

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