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OK so what are the current posters on your wall?


I have: Rock III (The greatest challenge), two Let It Be posters, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Kill Bill, Napoleon Dynamite and my personal favourite is a random collection of actors in gangster movies being drawn by some dude.



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Guest LiquidSky

Damn You have a bunch of posters!:shocked2: I have a drawing I made of the gorillaz, a painting I made and a newspaper of my cowboy on the cover of it:D and that's about it..

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Ok let's start at my door:

On top:

Poster of the musical hair I have seen last summer


A poster of a bar I have been with my friends a month ago......it was a woodstock bar and has a pretty cool design....


My walls:

poster of the european parliament in Strassburg i have been to last year....

Picure in a frame from a famous polish painter....who paints children things.....with a tiger and a bear...

Radiohead-Ok Computer poster.......

Andy Warhol-Marilyn Monroe poster......

Coldplay from the concert.....

Guy Berryman made bigger with a oprinter from the cologne concert....

Coldplay-Parachutes poster......

Che Guevara poster....


I think that's it!

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on one wall i have a huge framed coldplay lithograph

on the others football poster celebrating 25years

a poster of my fav football team

a banner that says 'Queenslander' (thats the state in which i live in)

huge blown up black and white pictures of me and my friends

other fav pictured of friends, places, awesum events

2 smaller coldplay posters

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I have a LOT.

A Beatles door poster on the front of my door

A Doors (well, just Jim Morrison) poster on the BACK of my door (aren't I clever?).

My really old Coldplay: ROBTTH (with them all standing and Chris buttoning his shirt) poster

A Chris poster from NME.

A Gallagher brothers (I can't say it's Oasis, because it's just them) poster from NME

A Bono poster

Another Bono poster

A George Harrison poster

My U2: Vertigo Tour poster, with my May concert date on it

A young Bob Dylan poster

Coldplay: X&Y poster

A U2 poster of them getting on a plane

A U2: Joshua Tree poster

A Beatles poster

ANOTHER Beatles poster

A John Lennon drawing

Another George Harrison poster

Another John Lennon poster/drawing


Then tons of magazine clippings (including a whole section of my wall devoted to Coldplay).




My walls scare me, sometimes. But actually, they keep me sane.

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I have.....


A Batman poster

A Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban poster (this one's comin' down soon though... I'll explain why later)

2 Coldplay posters (these will probably also come down soon)

then I have my basketball wall.


It includes:

A LeBron James nike poster

Carmelo Anthony jumpman poster

then loads of SLAMups posters (get them from SLAM magazine - these are pictures of players dunking in the most flashiest ways... etc)

Players in SLAMups - Jamal Crawford, Manu Ginobili 2, Kevin Garnett, Kenyon Martin, Steve Francis, Steve Nash, Josh Smith, Tracy McGrady, JR Smith, Shawn Marion, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant.



Yeah.... I love that wall.


The reason the Coldplay and HP posters are comin down is cause I'm not reading HP anymore (finished months ago) and cause Coldplay aren't my fave band anymore. They'll be replaced by Stereophonics posters.



Also of note on my wall.... photo's of family, charity free stuff you get on Northumberland Street, and a Knicks metal plate reflection thing.



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hmm .. I have a few posters but most pics and t-shirts


one poster on my door of the lord of the rings the two towers

two posters on my walls:

- one of the simpsons ...

- one of 'I :heart: Techno' ... it was in november and my teacher works for this big event so he gave me a poster


i also have a few t-shirts on my walls, one on the ceiling of AA GENT the local soccer club :P and three one my walls: one with all the names of my friends ... one from a show we gave at school ... and then a U2 T-shirt

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I used to have quite a lot of posters and pictures on my walls but since I redecorated my room and got a new wallpaper on one wall and painted the other three yellow I only have four posters left. I have two with simple plan, one with green day and one with good charlotte. The funny thing is that I dont even like them haha :p I'm just too lazy to take them down and buy new ones

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I've got a 6'X6' coldplay display up, along with framed albums by Etta James, R.E.M. and the Beatles, then fillmore's issued for Johnny Winter, the David Gray, and Shane MacGowan , then lastly the Emek Pixies skull poster and gold kraftwerk print. emek rocks.

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