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Chris Martin one of the worst dressed men of 2006


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In a recent poll to find the best & worst dressed men of 2006, Chris Martin was voted as the 12th Most Badly Dressed Man.


Actor Clive Owen has been voted the Best Dressed of the year, while David Cameron has been hailed the Worst Dressed.


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho came in second place, followed by Hollywood star Jude Law and new Bond star Daniel Craig.


Voter in the Best Dressed poll included celebrities such as Charlotte Church, Little Britain star David Walliams, Gordon Ramsay, Sir Elton John, Claudia Schiffer, along with staff at men's magazine GQ.


Conservative party leader Cameron topped the Worst Dressed list, but also made fifth place in the Best Dressed one.


Other celebrities in the top ten were David Beckham, rocker Pete Doherty, and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.


Prime Minister Tony Blair gets 11th place in the most badly dressed poll, while Coldplay's Chris Martin came 12th.







Have checked out GQ and it is indeed their poll. Here's part of what they had to say about Chris

GQ Says: X&Y=zzzzzzzzzzz

Dressed by a stylist and still looks awful

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I think the voters might be readers of GQ magazine but the article doesn't make it very clear. The article was only posted online an hour ago, so hopefully somewhere else will pick it up and give us some more info. Short of that, I'll see if I can grab a copy of GQ at work to get more info.

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