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Any News On The DVD?


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Seriously though, I really hope im not on it. I'll be SO embarresed if I am! I look/sound/talk a load of crap, it makes me cringe to imagine it! I was all buzzing and weird from the concert...ohgodpleaseno! :laugh4:


Nettie, on the otherhand was as cool as a cucumber! :cool:

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yeah...I bet it was too.

lol...I was going to tell you..I used Rionne's sig pic on this celebrity forum I go on...and I got a pm from this guy (think he's bi or gay) titled "delicious avatar" and saying...."Ive been meaning to tell you for quite awhile, but the avatar in your sig is sooo hot! THat guy can move!" I was like hell yeah he can!!!! :laugh4: :heart:

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