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Gnarls Barkley


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It's brilliant, I love it. I'm addicted to Crazy. I heard on BBC Radio 1 and searched around forever trying figure out who sang it. Luckely one day Moyles talked about it. Then I went as fast as I could to download it.


It's also my myspace song.. :D

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Yeah St. Elsewhere is crazyyy. Something about it reminds me of Andre 3000; both Cee Lo and Andre seem to be trying to do something totally different with hip hop, and they're both succeeding.


Crazy is just a ridiculously catchy song. Get the song, and listen to the live version:




what a powerful live voice!


my second favorite track is probably Gone Daddy Gone. But they are all gold!

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Probably - but then you might have been infected by the WP virus!!:P


Definately not! ;)


I don't know... this song is nothing special for me! I always change the radio station when this song begins...

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