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Girl Talk *boys enter at own risk*

Sweet One

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I know!! I always wrestle with him and he bites my hand but it never hurts!! aww..hahah...he's like 5 months...yeah' date=' 5 or 6..haha :D[/quote']

i always wrestle with my cat! she always bits the crap out of my hand and then just starts kicking me..hehe it's fun when she's mad :lol:

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I DONT lol....OH MY Laura....:P



hmmm COUGHCOUGHERICCOUGH :o :P :twisted:




No, it was just a question!! Oh my :oops: My friends are gonna go on it to regulate their period. I probably should b/c my cycle has been out of whack since summer started to hit. :shrug:


:P @ Vinita! :lol:

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:lol: :lol: Dionisio always breaks into song..i love it!! :D


Oh, Vin!! I told my mom about Eric and she was :shrug: "I guess he's ok!"..hahaha..she is kinda nice to him now. When he calls she makes conversation with him!! :multi:

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