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..I used to volunteer on a maternity ward one winter..

me too!.. t'was last autumn for 2 weeks during my holidays..

i wanted (or still want :shrug: somehow) to become a midwife... so i read loads of books bout pregnancy and birth and stuff watched every single telecast on the topic so after bout 1,5 years i was /am very informed about it :D :oops: :D

so to amy: i think the birth itself with all the contractions can last about 8-12 hours averagely.. though it's quite normal too if it takes only 3 hours (as it was at my birth.. haha i was very speedy at that time.. almost came out in the taxi ;) ) or bout a day.. some births are even faster 1 or 2 hours or they may take 48 hours.. but that's pretty seldom..


me personally, i'm not that afraid of the pain during the birth of the children i hopefully will have... i'm rather curious on the experience.. omg sounds a bit odd


ahm.. yes and the water thingy.. i think it depends very much on the woman /mother.. some feels more relaxed.. anotherone doesn't like it

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hahaha..wang..that's the new term we'll use...


Man, the worst is when people have their baby in a tub of water b/c then it's just like, i'm sitting in a pool of water and my own mucus..and when i have a baby, there is NO WAY anyone is gonna tape it. I mean, i just want my mom in there and my husband. Some women have like parties in their rooms :roll:



EWWWWW I KNOW!!! l saw one of those episodes on a

'Baby Story on TLC'


bahhhh it was GROSS...and its even MORE gross cuz the husband is sitting in it too :shock: ...good god, l could NEVER do that...eww...its SO dirty...if l were gonna have a baby it would either be Cinsision...cuz l have a pretty small pelvis..so l dunno if it would be the 'good ol way' :shock: :roll: baahh l wish it was in a way...cuz l HATE operations.... and stiches :cry: they hurt!!! :(


and PLUS l would want a natural birth...l dunno..cuz it just seems right.

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oh lol well my mom had a sea section both with me and ma sis......ewwwwwww in there with her...i saw one on tlc too......my grandmother was like AMANDA turn that off...i didnt know where babies came from when i was 11! i was like well it isnt 19 30!!

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I think once you learn your pregnant, your happy in the beginning and feeling the baby kick and all. Yes, the actual pregnancy is going to suck. My mom had 6 kids, my dad's mom (my grandma) had 14!!! :shock: I know! But my mom said its like the most amazing thing in the world, once the baby's out, its just incredible. When she was in labor with me, I guess I had a cord rapped around my neck, so they couldn't get me out. So naturally, they perform a hystorectamy (however you spell that). I love my mom so much for letting them cut her stomach open to save me. Shes my best friend. I am so excited to have a baby. Theres nothing in this world that I love more than babies/kids. :)

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my sis had a chord around her neck....they were afriad shed live....she wasnt crying so they put her on an extremely cold table and she busted out crying lol...my dad was crying...although no one saw him but my mum....he denies it tho...you know men.. "being manly is the best thing for a man" haha :roll: :twisted: :D

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Hah this thread aint nothing on me! Babuh!


Now, one thing Ive always wondered is how the hell would the VIRGIN Mary have a baby Jesus? I mean, surely its impossible. Any guy whos been around the ways of a girl before shes ever had, any service down there, or any girl who knew what it was like knows that things are just WAY too tight to ever push a red, crying football out of their vagina. Its just impossible, clearly. There's no way a womans fun hole could catch up with all the fun its missed in a few short 'breathe in and out Mary' minutes.


There, finished, you can look at the computer again.


And before you do it for me: :o :-o and cant forget :roll:

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You know, the older I get, the more I want kids, but then there are moments like today, when I see the mom with the screaming kid walking through the mall, and I think: wow, mix that with the labor pains. . . is it worth it? :shock:

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