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complaining time for me.

(sorry people)

i feel gross. periods SUCK! all the usual stuff is happening.


the tiniest things are annoying me even more then usual. my back is KILLING me. i had severe cramps this morning and last night, they kept me up for over 2 hours :( i was actually thinking of not going to school because of it, but first day back from march break, i had to. i kept complaining to mindy (twin) and she's bearing it. i'm trying to keep complaining to my friends though...one apparently notices that i complain a lot. :rolleyes: but yeah, i hate constant aches. i already took something to help the pain...no cramps right now, just back pain...gah.



4 more days :dozey:


y'know what's funny though? how woman can tell that they're going to get their period. seriously. i find it so cool! haha, i couple days ago i just knew i would get it, (i don't track mine or anything).


so anyone else feel like me right now?


we can eat chocolate together and complain :lol: man...i want chocolate. last night me and my friend started talking about cookies...and i couldn't help myself, i went upstairs and ate one :lol: :embarrased:

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haha yeah people have asked us that before. we aren't actually most of the time. :) sometimes it goes off track and we do but not usually. she got hers for the first time a month after i did.


and beleive me, i've gotten asked weirder questions ;) :lol:

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