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Girl Talk *boys enter at own risk*

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About one month ago i went to the hospital because i had a report to do for my school. I went into the operating theater suite, and the first operation i saw was a caesarean section! :lol:

I was sooo scary, the woman had the stomach opened (she was awaken) and then the doctor pushed strongly on her stomach to make the baby going out.


You know what?! The woman did suffer at all !!!!!!!!!!

Then she saw her baby and she started to cry a little, i was behind her, and .... i cried also! It was so beautiful!


It was one of the best experience i've seen in my life! I just feel like having loads of children now! :D

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Well, obviously it's not good. i mean, we SHOULD get it every month..it's just that she doesn't and the doctors say that it's just her system. My other friend gets it like once every 2 months, so she's gonna go on the pill b/c that's supposed to regulate it. :shrug:

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