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Girl Talk *boys enter at own risk*

Sweet One

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Nice dionisio!! Beautiful!!


hahaha..i'm lucky to have eric, eh?? haha..yeah, i guess.. just kidding, i am!! I think he's gonna come by after work tomorrow, or i'm gonna go down there. Depends on how lazy i am. :lol:

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lol!! AHH bless us LAZYASS shrimps!! :)


well have fun when you do see him...its gonna be sweet :)


Yeah, he called and was like, why don't you come down to work tomorrow..and i was like..hmmm....i'm too lazy..that'll require me to drive!! :D

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:roll: ''TRY" ???? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???? what is this?? 'try'....you are one of my fellow shrimps...TRYING ISNT GOOD ENOUGH :shock:























































:lol::lol: l should act!! :o l think lm good :D

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