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[FINAL] France v Italy

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Totally... It's quite amazing, actually.


I bet there will be a million of people on the Champs Elysees... And people are already crazy out there, dancing, shouting and making as much noise as they can... I'm not gonna sleep tonight :p

Reminds me of 1998… !

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I really really really want France to win.

Because I like the fact that everyone thought they wouldn't even enter the KO rounds and then they proved that they can do it!! And I want Zinedine Zidane to end his career with winning the World Cup :D


Although I want France to win, I'm afraid Italy's gonna make it.. Because of their brilliant goalkeeper and the fact that the French goalkeeper isn't by far as good as the Italian..

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Definately Italy; They're really 'fighting' for their fatherland to show the world that it's not only scandals in Italian football.

Because of that they have a completely motivated team which'll fight on till the end.

France don't stand a chance; not even with a Zidane in the form of his life.

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