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[2007] IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!.. coldplay is coming to Chile Argentina Brazil and Mexico!!


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oh yeah


Debs said:


There's no point asking me I'm afraid. If I have news, I will announce it at a specified time, and not before that date. That isn't confirming or denying, but if/when dates are confirmed, they will be given in the News section rather than me confirming here. Look out for official announcements only please. Thnaks for your patience.



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Uy, ojalá que no nos inventen ilusiones otra vez!!

Aparte, ya me cagaron el concierto de U2 del año pasado pensando que venían, y ahora viene Foo Fighters en marzo!!!!!

Espero que se confirme dentro de poco!


PD: de verdad q si vienen tendríamos q juntarnos los Coldplayers del foro!

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