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What's your favourite sport?


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i love swimming, i used to go to a swim club when i was younger. and skiiing and snowboarding.


when it comes to watching i love football, i like to play it as well even though i'm not very talented.


also like to watch formula one. i started to watch rugby and cricket when i was in england and thought it was pretty exciting. i still dont really get the rules though, especially in cricket.:embarassed:

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fav. sports to watch: FORMULA 1 ALL THE WAY! formula one is my life. hahaha.

seriously. i love that sport. and i definitely want to do something that has to do with formula one later on... and of course football. i'm german. i just have to love football.

fav. sports to do: probably badminton. ^.^ the only sport i don't suck at.

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@Lera: yep same with me' date=' about football.. i just [i']love[/i] wathcing it.. but i can never handel a ball well.. i suck too!

abuot playing.. i enjoy playing basketball & also swimming.. a lot!..

Yeah watching football is something.... I'm a football fan since I was 8 and I saw the World Cup for the first time :smug: It was probably the best summer in my life so far...


Anyway, I'd love to play football well too, but I just hate it when boys say something about girls who play football.... You know, something like 'hay, go and make us some coffee, girlie' :dozey: fucking sexists


Though I wouldn't be any good anyway, I've got a weak breathing... By the way, love swimming too :nice:

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