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do u remember the first time you saw/heard coldplay?


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A while back I remember hearing Yellow.Not sure when.But when my sis finally bought the album,the guitars rang my memory to way back.I used to be a wigger,so I wasn't into much anything else besides hip-hop until about a year ago.I bought "A Rush of Blood to the Head" for my sis for Christmas 05',and was actually the first one to listen to it.After the first 9 tracks I was like "Wow,this is one heck of an album"Then after they hit me with the 1-2 punch with "Rush of Blood to the Head"and "Amsterdam"I was completely blown away.I remember myself literally saying"Wow.........this is the greatest album of all time!"-A bit high-purbilee(No idea how its spelled.Excuse me)

Anyhoo,I remember hearing Yellow a WHILE back,but thinking nothing of it.


The first video I saw was "The Scientist"

Great video,btw

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I was watching a show in 2002 called Get Reel and they play some music videos and movie clips and I had never heard of Coldplay because we didn't have any music video channels or listen to the radio very often. But then they showed The Scientist and I was so amazed because I had never seen anything like it but the sound was turned way down so I couldn't hear it. Later I saw it again with the sound turned up and I was alone and I did fall in love at first sight/hearing. The Scientist was the first song I got off of iTunes. Ahh, good times, gooooood times.

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Well, I remember hearing "Yellow" and liking, and then seeing the American version of the "Trouble" video, and liking that, too. But I didn't get into them at that point.


It was my sophomore year of high school, at band camp. Being the forgetful guy I am, I left my CDs at home. I had exactly one album in my CD player, and I got tired of it quickly. So I went through my friend Matt's CD collection, and stumbled upon his copy of A Rush of Blood to the Head. I remember hearing good things about it, and I decided to give it a try.


I was hooked.

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I remember I loved Yellow when it began on radios, and I loved the video when the TV started playing it, it was my favorite at the time. I also remember the videos for Don't Panic and Trouble. I've been a fan ever since, so I've been a fan for a long while. :)

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I remember when I was in 6th grade, wow, Im a senior now.. jeez, anyway, I was watching music videos on MTV at like 6 in the AM and Yellow came on, and I was really fascinated by it, I thought, wow, what a great simple video, haha. I'm a fan of simplicity. Anyhow, I loved Yellow, I ran around school that day singing it in my head, and it was so strange that I had only heard it once and knew at least the chorus, So I had always thought Coldplay was a good decent band, and I remember seeing the vids for Trouble and IMP, but I was never over the top, maybe because I was so young then, but then Clocks was on the radio, and I was realllllllllllly fascinated by it. I thought it was perfect. But it took until the summer of 05 too become as I am now.


Its very strange that I can remember conversations with people I had about Coldplay, before I had owned any albums or anything or even realized I was a little bit of a fan. I remember my brother talking about how our middle school bus driver loved Yellow, and when myspace first came out, a girl I knew was excited because her boyfriend sent her the Yellow vid. on her comments and we talked about how cool Coldplay was. and I remember just watching the Scientist video in a daze. Its strange I didn't realize then that I would be head over heals for them.

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