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u ever dream? if so what do you dream..


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i dreamed i had a baby and it was so terrible cos i was in school and had to get a job at the same time, and my was gonna suck, cos i'd had that baby! and i didnt knew who the father was, and i starting counting months and checking out who i've made out with about 9 mionths ago, but i couldnt remember - although i never sleeped with them! ok.. never mind, it was just so weird!!


at the same time i woke up about 2.30 and thought i was in my tent, and i was very freaked out by the fact that my coldplay poster was IN the tent! theni realized i was in my room - stupid me :lol:



:shock: thats worse than the one about your family member..remember? :cry:

no i dont lol i dream so much, what have i told you?


well ehum, it had to do with a family member you saw..that passed away

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I dreamt about a kitten and a puppy, and they wouldnt be friends, so i was trying to make them spend time together....this took place in a field surrounded by woods....


i have nice dreams :P

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Man, I was at my bf's cottage this weekend and I had a nightmare both nights! The first night I dreamed that his father was murdered and we were talking to him, and the second night I dreamed that bad guys we chasing me on a plane with poisonous gas. :shock:

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that sucks!!!!!! :o i'd die!


yeah i feel like ive been puched in the sotmache 5,000 times....

i just havent had a good day..



farewell Lee :( :cry:

if you wanna talk about it you know where to find me! im always here for ya honey xx




i dreamed about dead ppl last night btw :shock:


:) Vacation has so many good intention

thanks ill remember that...

:O dead people?!

hope youll have better dreams!

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Rejecting girls sexually :(

awww on the good side of it.... you could have been rejecting a he who you thought was a she....or you could have rejected a mullet-mad buckteeth ...bearded woman :) ..which we could actually understand ...and you wouldnt consider yourself weird

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