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Hello to you all!


I'm a Swedish boy born in 1989 and I live in the suburbs of our capital Stockholm.

I've been listening to Coldplay since Speed of Sound was played on the radio but I had heard of them before that though.

That moment made me a less casual Coldplay fan but I've been an admirer of the British quartet since A Rush Of Blood To The Head, I guess, since the first Coldplay song I heard was Clocks.

I haven't seen the boys in concert yet, but I hope I will someday.


My taste in music is very mixed, I listen to pretty much anything except for different types of metal and more recent hip-hop. Apart from Coldplay I enjoy listening to U2 a great deal.


About a year ago I became one of the editors of the biggest Swedish U2 fansite U2.se and it is such an honour and so much fun to be part of a website that you admired and previously used to visit as just another fan, let me tell you. In my freetime I don't do much these days since school takes up much of my time and my band where I was the lead guitarist split up six months ago.

If you're the slightest interested in the music we made I'll recommend that you visit our MySpace page (make sure that you check out our blog too!).


Before that I played basketball for five years, which should give you an idea about my height. If there's any further questions about me I'll be happy to try to answer them as soon as possible.


Here's a picture of me as well:


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Twisted mind, twisted logic 10, freckles, Briggins and Zeoir thank you all again for taking a couple of moments to welcome me.

I noticed I didn't say anything about the forthcoming album at all in my initial post. As a U2 fan I'm really excited about the idea that Coldplay chose to work with Brian Eno on this one but I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed the first couple of weeks after I heard about the collaboration on the radio. I wonder if Eno will use Coldplay and U2 to achieve his dream about arabic music influencing western song writing. :thinking: In any case this will prove to be a fantastic year in music, mark my words. Take care all of you.

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Welcome to you as well Bud! Love the U2 shirt!

Thank you Josh. I bought it at my first U2 concert in 2001. I was twelve at the time so it was hard to take it all in at once but I had a great time.


hey dude,

I totally Love how you've set up this picture with the magazine and bono's book and your shirt,


this picture was taken for u2.se wasn't it :P


Thank you Age Six Racer, I just took some things nearby and set it up like that.

It was indeed taken for u2.se, I wonder how you could figure that out :o :)

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Thank you TracieMorgan and Mimixxx. Here's a new picture of me taken in S:t Stephens Green during a recent school trip to Dublin:



The sun shone right in my face so I look like I'm angry or something. I was very happy to be there so please don't think otherwise. :) Can't wait till Tuesday and the new single! Brian Eno + Coldplay=Success? I'd like to think so for both theirs and U2's sake.

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