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You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

Black Rose

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never had drunk much alcohol to end been drunk. i prefer a coke (coca-cola) than any alcoholic drinks, but well we end trying something new from time to time, and hard, like tequila, or some cockail.


the only stupid thing we do is to laugh, and take pics while drinking pretending that we are also smoking... just that, never said anything strange or got into trouble for that.


but really some people scares me when they are drunk, they behave so strange. :confused:

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Guest Grace

i can get totally shit-faced. :dozey:


i start telling stories and all that crap, but i'm not violent in any way. :laugh3:

i remember seeing this guy i had a date with with some other girl (who became his girlfriend) the friday before our actual date. i was already quite drunk and started shouting their names and how awful she was. :uhoh:

i so regret it because it made me look like an idiot. :( that was plain dumb.


oh ... and i tend to make out with total strangers when i'm drunk. i hate it. i'm not a whore or anything, but as soon as i get smashed i could make out with anyone. :\

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I've done ALOT of stupid stuff when mortal,

some of the stuff too crass to mention,

other stuff include:


Painting my flatmates face with black paint when he passed out.


hitting on a middle aged woman (about 57 yrs old)

APPARENTLY! - I don't remember that night, that was the worst night ever, I'd spent about £50 on Jagerbombs, I can never remember anything on jager.

the same night I apparently sat on the floor in the middle of a kebab shop and ate my kebab and garlic.

(Vaguely remember this)


ahhhh bad times.

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i don't really drink, but on one of the times i have, i told a person that i really don't like that i didn't like him. the thing was that i knew what i was doing, i wasn't that drunk. i was just using the alcohol as an excuse to finally say why i thought he was a jerk. everyone was a bit shocked, though, because i don't say things like that ever. and i don't dislike many people, either: i can think of about four people that i truly dislike. but everyone else around me was more drunk, so it wasn't that big a deal at the time.

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