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Radio Premiere in Germany - 29th April


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Hello everyone,

1Live, a German Radio Station, said that there will be an exclusive Radio Premiere next Tuesday (29th April). Everyone who speaks german can read it here: http://www.einslive.de/nachrichten/pop/index.jsp



Coldplay melden sich mit neuem Album zurück


Wie 1LIVE exklusiv erfahren hat, wird die brandneue Single von Chris Martin und Co. nächste Woche Dienstag, also am 29.4., Radiopremiere haben. "Violet Hill" heißt der Song, und den hört ihr dann natürlich zuerst in 1LIVE. Das neue, vierte Album von Coldplay wird "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends" heißen und kommt am 13. Juni hinterher. Dabei hat Produzent Brian Eno auf dem Album sogar des Öfteren zwei Songs zu einem zusammengemischt, so dass man eigentlich von einem Dutzend neuer Songs sprechen kann.



Translation of the important part:


1Live exclusively found out that the brandnew single by Chris Martin and Co. will have radio premiere on April 29th. The song is called "Violet Hill" and of course you will hear it at first at 1Live. The brandnew and fourth album by Coldplay will be called "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends" and released on June 13th. The producer Brian Eno mixed up two songs a couple times so that there will be even more songs.



Will be hangin' on the radio for weeks I guess :-)


Greetings from Aachen, Germany.

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April 29th? That's a week :cheesy:


It's also going to be played on BBC 6 Music on Tuesday at midday. And yes it streams :D




Coldplay single preview


Worldwide first play next week


24 Apr 2008 - Coldplay have given the go ahead for the world preview of their new single next week.


Violet Hill is taken from their forthcoming highly anticipated fourth album Viva La Vida and will be given it's first airplay on Tuesday at midday.


The new album, the follow up to 2005's X&Y, is due out mid-June.


The English alternative name of the project is Death and All His Friends and includes 10 tracks produced by Grammy-winning producer and Roxy Music impresario Brian Eno.


This album will be Eno's first collaboration with Coldplay


When Coldplay announced a return to the studio last year, Chris Martin said the upcoming album would see the band strike out in a new creative direction, hence inviting Eno into the studio, and would also include one song that he described as "genius," a tune "everybody has to hear."


Tune in to George Lamb's show on 6 Music on 29 April to hear it.


Here is the full track list:


Life in Technicolor Cemeteries of London



Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love


Viva la Vida

Violet Hill

Strawberry Swing

Death and All His Friends



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Here's the whole translation, if anyone's interested:


Coldplay return with a new album


For a long time we have heard nothing from Coldplay - the last album, "X & Y", was released in 2005. But now there is something new to the ears. 1LIVE has this exclusive: the brand-new single from Chris Martin and Co. appears next Tuesday, also at 29.4. Radio premiere. The song is "Violet Hill", and of course you will hear it first at 1LIVE. The new fourth album from Coldplay, "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends" hits shelves on 13 June, with ten brand new songs. A complete tracklist of the new Coldplay album has already published on their homepage. The Brian Eno produced album often has two songs merged together, so that you really get a dozen new songs (instead of 10).






I assume when he's talking about the merged songs, he's referring to 'Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love' and 'Death And All His Friends' / 'The Escapist'.

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It streams too! Yay! So you can listen to it if it's not playing in your country that day :D


http://www.einslive.de/ and then WebRadio at the top of the page :dance:

Yessss! :dance:

I have a good way of recording this, so if no one else manages to record it that day, hopefully you can count on me! :D

I just need to know the time its playing, so I know when to set up the equipment :wink: Otherwise, I'm stalking that radiostation all day!

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Great news! Only one week! :D


Hope I will receive EinsLive, because normally you can only listen to this station in the Western part of Germany (based in Cologne), not in the North or somewhere else. Otherwise I will use the stream. :)


By the way, I remember a big interview between Coldplay and EinsLive back in 2005 so perhaps that's the reason why this station seems to be the first one to play a new song.

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