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Violet Hill =


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This thread is hilarious.

Lyla sounds NOTHING like this song. But I do kind of see why people think it sounds similar to oasis.

I think its the fact that Chris is actually nearly shouting on this song. And whereas with past songs like Square One where they've kept everything beautifully structured and "nice", this song has a much more raw feel, much more 'in your face' than past songs. Not quite aggressive, but its certainly not subtle, at all, bar the nice atmospheric introduction at the beginning. So since Oasis has pretty much always produced songs on which they rock out, but at the same time manage to convey raw emotion, i can see the similarity. But really, this is only one guy's opinion at the end of the day. I probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about.


I admit though, I never thought I'd hear Chris say the line "the future's architectured, by a carnival of idiots on show". Sounds a bit like something radiohead would say, but in a nicer way. I love the lyrics, either way.

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There's 20,000 different Violet Hill threads. It does my head in :lol:


Well I won't write my opinion with all the plebs MY opinion deserves a thread of it's own


*bangs head against wall*



Do it, do it. Then please tell me the board will go back to normal soon...:\

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Lyla :uhoh: i don't see any resemblance... they sound to me to some more 'classical' bands :) may as gus has said: Genesis, any band of those times.

but the guitar solo part just reminded me to John Frustiante.. i don't know why :uhoh:


btw i agree with you both mimi and melanie.. too many Violet Hill threads :confused: difficult to follow them all at the same time.

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This is going to sound strange to some people, but...

Violet Hill=Breakfast In America by Supertramp.


Well it doesn't = it, bu there are similarities in the feel.


I think the album will draw comparisons to a lot of great Classic Rock albums of the 70s, and that's def. a new direction.:)


I like Melanie's answer best though.


Much as I love the song, am I the only one getting slightly worn out by reading/hearing the words 'Violet Hill':lol:

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i always see some disadvantage in having public forums like this.


first of all there are a lot of people in this world who have no work.

So their work is only to come here which are public forums and write what ever comes to their mind.


So there are always lot of varied opinions in this world about not only Coldplay even other bands too.

Every artist has their own style,but about comparisions every one's songs are always compared with others like Britney's,Justin timberlake's,Christina Aguilera's,Nelly Furtado's every one at some or some point listens and especially Coldplay makes their work after lot of listening to other bands.


But there are always some people in this world who are distinguished with others.That is they don't make any comments even though they like a band or not.


In that sense even i can post a lot of weird comments else where in other threads in other boards like these all who are coming here and making others who are fans sick with their useless or pointless discussions.first of all i don't have time.I even have lot of other important work in my life to think about than this.


i am very happy for fourth album By coldplay i don't discuss any more about this.

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