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Viva La Vida 12" Vinyl and Limited Edition Badge


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oh man, this is just too tempting. i'm kind of a vinyl freak, and i feel the need to get this to complete my coldplay vinyl collection, and i definitely will get it eventually, but i feel like i should really have a look around america first to see if i can find it here. the exchange rate is just too bad for me to be buying things that will probably be available here as well. 15 pounds = $30 plus shipping, so...argh.


i'm keeping this link in mind though! thank you!!

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oooh, is it?! i'm going to see if it's in the american shop, because if it's availible in amercian currency, i'm ordering RIGHT NOW!


EDIT: booooo, the US shop doesn't have a music section at all :sad:. but the record is two pounds cheaper in the UK coldplay shop, which would save me $4...hmm.

but i also probably won't be in the country anymore by the time the thing ships to my house, so i wonder if its just better to wait.


[/personal debate]

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BAHHHHH, and the ONLY country in the WORLD, seemingly, that the UK shop doesn't ship to is the US! i suppose that's because there's a US shop, but really? if they're going to do that then the two sites should have the same things in them! :angry:

the british shop has waaaaay better stuff and more of it, BTW. grr. i'm kind of really wanting that "fix you" shirt as well.


now i'm seriously considering just saying "hell with it" and ordering the "deluxe" vinyl now.

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