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19-Jul-08: Las Vegas - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

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Coldplay Las Vegas Concert a Success


The crowds are singing, the lights are dimmed, guitar riffs can be heard from miles away... That is how I would describe Coldplay's July 19 concert at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.


The concert started out with a local hip-hop new age artist performing some drum beats with an accompanying animation. Overall, the crowd enjoyed it, but were patiently awaiting Coldplay. Next, ten minutes later, a band came out with a vocalist, guitar, bass violin, piano, and tambourine. I believe they introduced themselves as "Shoewater". They travel with Coldplay on their tour. Shoewater played a type of folk rock music. The crowd cheered, but were beginning to become impatient.


Soon, Coldplay came out with the melodic "Life in Technicolor" from their new album "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends". Everything after that was history. Coldplay dazzled the crowd with loud yet soothing guitar riffs and laser light shows during "Clocks" and the "Chinese Sleep Chant". Crowds screamed when Coldplay performed two songs in the crowd, including a song sung by drummer, Will Champion. When Coldplay exited through the normal crowd exit, prior to their first encore, hordes of fans could be seen rushing through the exit to see the band before they returned backstage.


After a funny video clip of Bill O'Reilly accusing singer, Chris Martin, of plagiarizing the song "Talk", Coldplay came out with a few more tunes including "Yellow" and "Strawberry Swing". Finally after two hours of fun and excitement with Coldplay, the band came back for one last song "Death and All His Friends". Fans were sad when Coldplay left for the final time, but we're deeply satisfied with their performance. The concert went off without a hitch, except for Chris Martin forgetting the third verse of "Speed of Sound" for a brief moment. No one seemed to notice except Martin who then said "Gosh, that was embarrassing."


The concert was great, the stage was amazing, the effects such as the confetti during "Lovers in Japan" dazzled the crowd, and fans left with an even deeper love for Coldplay than before.



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So I have heard rumors (from someone well connected with music media in vegas) that Coldplay will call back in Vegas between the salt lake city 11/22 and phoenix 11/26. Has anyone else heard this?


Interesting, do you know whether they will also be revisiting LA?!

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Interesting, do you know whether they will also be revisiting LA?!



No, but it could fit in. They hit the UK in early Dec. But Salt Lake City, Vegas, LA, Phoenix makes some sense. But I think you have to wait for Coachella.

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If anyone was at the July 22nd show can you please tell me whether Coldplay did Green eyes ?I posted the setlist that I got from being at the July 23rd show and I was insanely curious if it was total fate that they played my favorite only on the night that I was there..

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