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19-Jul-08: Las Vegas - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

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Welcome to the thread for the above show which can be used for all discussion prior to, during and after the show.


One thread one show - should hopefully keep everyone organised and up-to-date with Coldplay on the road.


Did you get tickets?

Are you looking for tickets?

Are you looking for ticket swaps?

Need help/directions on getting to the show?

Not sure what the arrangements and rules are for the particular venue is?

Are you just bloody excited?

Do you have a review for the show?

Did you take any pictures... share them here!





Setlist & Reviews







In My Place




Viva La Vida








The Scientist (Part 1)




The Scientist (Part 2)




The Scientist




Chinese Sleep Chant











Yellow and Lost



Lost! & Green Eyes




Green Eyes




Green Eyes




Green Eyes




Lovers In Japan







Coldplaying Charity Club Tour Merchandise. All proceeds go to Oxfam Unwrapped.




















Check out the shop for more items and other colours.

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Las Vegas, MGM Grand July 19th....tickets, who got what etc


So after a lot of searching I managed to get Floor tickets for section D, row A. I do have two spare tickets from the presale, which are for section U13, Row M. If anybody is interested in them for cost then please let me know!!

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Okay guys and girls! I have some new info about the set-up at the MGM which might further explain the lack of front row seats.


Floor A-Rows A-M only have 2 to 8 seats per row.

Rows N-X will have about 20 seats per row.


Floor B-Rows A-X will have about 20 seats per row.


Floor C-Rows A-M only have 2 to 8 seats per row.

Rows N-X will have about 20 seats per row.


This is due to the unusual stage shape coldplay are useing for this tour. This means there are only about 275-350 seats in the first 12 rows. Looking at a detailed map-from a nice lady at the MGM. Some of the best seats off the floor, will be around sections L17-U17 Rows A-X

sections L16-U16 Rows A-X

sections L15-U15 Rows A-X

sections L14-U14 Rows A-X


If you are in L14, L15, L16, L17 Row A-you will in fact be front row also because of the way the stage is set up. You would also technically be front row if you have Floor A and C, Row N.


The stadium will be 13,000 capacity exactly!!!


Hope that this helps you!!!!

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MGM Grand Garden Arena


I'm beyond excited for this show!




Anyone been to this venue b4? Seems smaller than the rest of the arenas. Being from LA where we have Staples Center, The Forum (2 shows) how does this arena compare to others? Sound? Seating (thanks tigermilk).. Size?


Tried to get tix for one of the 2 LA shows. But that was impossible. lol


p.s. Please fill free to share your Vegas trip itinerary (especially if your coming from California)!!!


As for me, got 2 tix, staying overnight, maybe go to Tao or Pure after the show...

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I recently buy two tickets for LA show, so now I have two extra tickets for LAS VEGAS 19-JUL-08, those are in sec U8 row Q...


Let me know if anyone wants the tickets for the face value (99.50 each)+ TM charges ($ 233.15 both)+ Ship...


I will be in vacancies the in two weeks, so please tell me ASAP!





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I don't have tickets yet but I will most definitely be going, I'm travelling from San diego, I was looking for train tickets but flying is just so much cheaper, I'm planning to stay overnight in vegas, and then fly back on sunday


Just google mgm grand arena reviews on google and you'll find info about people who have been there, apparently it's state-of-the-art and has kick ass acoustics, so I'm pretty excited :D

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I first saw COLDPLAY in Chula Vista on the Twisted Logic Tour... it was beyond great...


As for Vegas, the show is less than a month away now and still seems too far!! lol


I myself am going from on day to the next, staying overnight on the strip somewhere. I checked the rates fo the MGM Grand Hotel. They're in the 200's a night. Not surprising for this hotel, but there are cheaper ones. Don't know where I'll be staying yet. Maybe hit up the casinos and rehab (if I work out for 5 hours every night til then), concert, then club after.


I heard the show is not very long. Again, not surprising. But we'll be in Vegas. So much to do before and after.


Anyone else, feel free to share your Vegas trip itinerary. Building the excitement!!!







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I've got an extra pair of Vegas tickets in section 110, row EE. If anyone's interested, please IM me! I've been trying to sell it on Craigslist and I don't want to have to go to Ebay to sell this. I'd rather sell this in a fair way to a fan and I'm willing to decrease the price a bit just to get rid of these tickets. I found a better pair a couple days later so that's why I'm selling this pair. (Forget it, tickets have been sold!)


I have a room booked at the MGM Grand and I'm tempted to switch to the Imperial Palace just so I can get a cheaper rate. The MGM Grand room I got for $179 a night (go to Smartervegas.com and find hotel promotion codes there, I forgot which one I used, but it worked). I'm thinking I might get there a day early too. I'll definitely be hitting up the bars and etc. that weekend :)

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anyone has any idea if camera's will be allowed?

normal digital camera's not for professional purposes..


this is probably the only time i'll ever ever get to watch coldplay and i need some memories!

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they always say that no cameras are allowed but once you get in the concert flashes go off like crazy!!!I remember i got siked out about bringing a camera in last tour and then when i got in there all i saw were flashes.So im sure it will be alright.

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Just saw Coldplay last night @ the Forum and was blown away. I've seen them twice before, but this has to be BY FAR their best concert.... Chris was just SO FULL OF ENERGY. I went crazy and sitting here w/ a post concert high, I just HAD to buy a ticket to their LV show. I have a pretty good seat (L13) and will be by myself. So, for those of you who are around me.. be nice :) It' s my 1st concert experience alone :)


Also, in regards to the cameras. Did anyone here go to the Irvine Verizon Wireless Amp, when they said, "NO CAMERAS", but during the show the screens prompt us to take out the cameras and take a damn picture!! That pissed me off, having to walk back to my damn car in the huge parking lot just to put it away. So, ever since then, I've hid my camera. Last night, the security guard asked if I had one, and I said, "No".. and everyone and their momma had one out last night. My camera isn't too tiny, either. It's a lumix. TRY sneeking it in.. It'll be worth it :)


Anyhoo. I'm so excited for the LV show!!!

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