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What do you know about Morocco ?!


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ma Belle? xD Nan il y en avait déjà un... et puis il est mort plus personne ne post plsu rien dessus mais celui la est fait pour savoir ce que pense les autres du maroc et sur ce qu'il connaissent dessus =D

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Hi guys


Well...since i`ve been here to the national forum...i didn`t relize that there some fans from North Africa ...ok i`m Mohamed from Libya ...i`ve been to Morocco ...very very nice and friendly people ...guys do you accept me as a friend here

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No, serious the capital is Rabat... I think. :uhoh:


I've never been in Morocco but seems like a very exotic and mysterious place. It's position in the north west of Africa makes it a unique place, the food must be spicy... lol... you speak Arabian, but french and spanish are popular I think. Oh, and you have a monarchy system.

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Where the music is beautiful, the people are nice, and the berbers are making fine carpets and rugs..

I know many famous musicians go to Morocco to get inspiration with the music and people playing music in Morocco. The land is arid, but the coast is lively with cities and towns, and there are some hills, as I recall..

Wasn't Morocco formerly called Spanish Sahara before they gained their independence?

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I know that capital of Morocco is Rabat,isn't it?


Yes, it's :D


it's spelled with 2 r's and 1 c:smug:






False........1 r, 2 c's :P


How do you know it's the best country for loud music?








The old name for Morocco is Maghribi, I think :thinking:


Actually, in Arabic, we call it Al-Maghrib


You know, it's sad that I'm the only active Egyptian member around here :(

*Feels lonely :bigcry: *

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