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Small Reminders/Updates & The Coldplay Messenger (feat. Roadie #42!)


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May 22, 2008 10:12 am

Artwork and video extras now fully unveiled


The extras which fans have been helping to unveil by entering the Brixton and MSG contests are now fully unlocked. Click here (Brixton) or here (MSG) to check out exclusive 'Viva La Vida' artwork and live videos from Coldplay's 2006 tour.


Thanks for entering!




May 22, 2008 8:08 am

Fans encouraged to come along and watch


On Friday June 27th, Coldplay will appear on NBC's Today Show at 7am ET. Fans are encouraged to come along to the plaza for the live performances. Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis outside Today’s Window on the World Studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, USA.

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Maybe we can keep this thread for all changes in the Coldplay site.

We don't need a new thread for all little changes.

Good idea, I couldn't find a proper place to put this so I just made a new thread... If the title works then just keep dumping new info/updates in here. I can update the first post as new stuff hits the website.

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Guest kmm1482

I guess this is there way of saying "sorry we couldn't find a proper way to show 'How we saw the world' to everyone, so here's the individual videos"

Kinda hoping they'd be the videos for the singles, but I guess we'd be waiting a looong time for those to unlock. Still surprised they unlocked them all so quickly!

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Guest kmm1482
Bit of a random thought, but does anyone think that there'll be an independent unlockable puzzle thingy for the Barcelona show? Possibly including new unlockable pictures and videos (coughLifeInTechnicolorcough)?


There might be! they haven't had the official entry thing for Barcelona yet, so who knows! I'd like to know when the next single is gonna be released!

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I didn't know where to post, hope it's the right place.



May 25, 2008 1:13 pm

Two tracks from new album available to buy now


You can now buy two tracks from our new album...


Viva La Vida


Death And All Its Friends


...from the iTunes Store. Both Violet Hill and Viva La Vida are available to purchase individually from your local branch of the store. Here are some links...


UK store: Violet Hill / Viva La Vida

US store: Violet Hill / Viva La Vida

Greek store: Violet Hill / Viva La Vida


(The Greek one gets a mention because they're the highest-placed country from last night's Eurovision which has its own iTunes store. Congrats to Russia, who won.)




So we all knew Viva la Vida could be bought from iTunes but...wasn't the title "Death and all His Friends", because in this news its "Death and all Its Friends" :thinking:

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May 26, 2008 9:20 pm

Ten December dates revealed


As the legendary Steve Lamacq is currently announcing on his radio show, we're playing ten concerts across England and Scotland in December. Tickets for all dates go on sale at 9.30am on Friday May 30th, from http://www.gigsandtours.com / 0871 22 00 260 (English shows) or http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk / 0871 230 6230 (Glasgow shows).


The gigs are as follows:


1/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA

2/12/08 - Birmingham, NIA

5/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC

6/12/08 - Glasgow, SECC

7/12/08 - Sheffield, Arena

10/12/08 - Liverpool, Echo Arena

11/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena

12/12/08 - Manchester, MEN Arena

14/12/08 - London, O2 Arena

15/12/08 - London, O2 Arena

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Haha, I was JUST about to post that! :dance:


O2 Arenaaaaaaa!

Haha I kinda stumbled upon it while I was surfing around. Ian can credit us both if he throws it in the news :nice:

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thanks! :)

Welcome! Yes, we already knew about it but I threw it in here anyways. We seem to make new threads whenever a single news bulletin happens on CP.com so I'm trying to get them all in here regardless of where they're posted first :nice:

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