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Coldplay Top 20 on Phoenix FM, 2nd August 2008


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Steve Mead will be playing listeners' top 20 Coldplay songs on Saturday 2nd August, 10pm UK time, on Phoenix FM.


If you're in Brentwood and Billericay - tune your wireless to 98.0FM.


If you live outside the area (or even if you don't!) you can listen on the internet by clicking this link: http://dream.wavestreamer.com:2963/listen.pls


This is part of a series of Top 20 shows that Phoenix FM is broadcasting.


Get voting!





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That's great, I already voted for The Killers' one and Steve is really funny, he was on their official board to comment on the results, he should register here too =)


Oh I just realised it's on in August, we have plenty of time to vote :laugh3:

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The Embrace show was alright. No interviews at all which was a shame, and they kept getting simple things wrong like names of albums, years of releases, etc. It's probably the only time ever that some album tracks and b-sides will get played on radio, so turn your speakers up and make the most of it if songs like Only Superstition and Crest Of Waves get played!

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Wasn't Vitamins one of the their first ever ever songs? They might have played it at the Laurel Tree gig they've talked about a few times, I can't remember. Just went to vote but had to stop when I started looking through the dropdown lists - impossible to choose a top 10! I'll have to go with my gut feeling instead of overthinking it.

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Hey Steve glad to see you here too :nice:


I think I'm gonna let the new songs find their right place in my list and then will vote...but I really wish some of the B-sides will make the top10, as Fixed said it's one of the rare occasions to listen to them on the radio

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01. Lovers In Japan

02. Lost!

03. High Speed

04. Viva La Vida

05. In My Place

06. Warning Sign

07. Crests of Waves

08. Things I Don't Understand

09. White Shadows

10. Only Superstition


I'm changing my mind already.

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thinking rational: we know that only debs wild and the band owns tapes of the old songs and i dont think that this radio station owns records (maybe in cd:D) of new songs. but i wonder why they would include this songs in the list if they didn't have a copy.

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1. Viva La Vida

2. Low

3. A Rush Of Blood To The Head

4. Life Is For Living

5. The Scientist

6. Gravity

7. Death And All His Friends

8. Crest Of Waves

9. Amsterdam

10. Life In Technicolor

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My cat, *ahem", voted on behalf of me for a 2nd time:


01. Cemeteries Of London

02. Warning Sign

03. Animals

04. Everything's Not Lost

05. High Speed

06. Only Superstition

07. I Ran Away

08. Low

09. A Message

10. Yes


Hi all, voting is going well, need a few more though, any ideas where else i can look?


I'll mention it again on the Keane forum.

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Since I'm paranoid about giving out my real name online, "No Way Jose" voted for:


1. White Shadows

2. Clocks

3. 42

4. Only Superstition

5. Spies

6. Don't Panic

7. Parachutes

8. Violet Hill

9. Politik

10. Crests of Waves


I dunno about the order past the first three, but I doubt that will really matter anyway.

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