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Big Bro pulled out a another cool twist this evening , after lisa was evicted . a public vote to bring back a ex housemate ! and with out doubt they made the right choice to bring back in the one and only Jon Tickle 8) - great stuff , the tickle returns lets hope he brings some entertainment back in the house !

go on jon :twisted:




BB4 :twisted:


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nooooooo i didnt like jon!!! :o but then again the whole thing is a little boring!! :lol:


a little !! you mean TOTALY BORING ! - well now tickles back things will liven up !!






HTTT :twisted:

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Anyways this big brother's crap compared 2 the others...

This is the 4th..so there were 3 others :P

but yeah this has been by far the worst and most boring....yet i keep watching...hmmm *ponders* does show how shockingly little there is on TV in UK if I choose to watch ppl sleeping over BBC1 and all lol

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Jade and Alex, and Johnny, and Tim, and Spencer, and Kate, and Sandy (while he was there) CAREFUL SANDY!!!!! lol



Shit mental block, was Helen "im so blond" season 2 or 3?...she was 2 wasnt she? With Brian.



yup yup! the unforgettable Brian ah *reminisces about the days when BB was good* :P

:lol: @ what Alex said when Sandy escaped!

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Theyre all too nice...i think failing the tasks the first few weeks and getting no booze meant that no-one got drunk, so no hatred was built up early on and they all got on...only now recently since theyve been getting drunk more has it been fun and bitching has started...


I reckon for season 5 they should give alcohol out free separate from the shopping budget...let em get plastered every night if they want....:)

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