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On YouTube - 'Coldplay - Lovers in Japan / Chinese Sleep Chant / Yes'

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yep i think its posted :)


but i didnt listened it, i prefer listen the album whe it comes out...


really this is freakin "raro" because we had listened the album track by track before its release...

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""This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Music""


I wonder who has the job of pondering youtube looking for stuff like this. lol


They probably just browse the coldplaying forum - everything gets listed on here!


Also, the video on amazon.de is the same as the one I initially posted, and if you look carefully, pause it on 1:58 and you'll see that the slate is listed as 'Chinese Sleep Chant', with Mat Whitecross as the director. Since it has already been established that he's directing the next video, might this indicate that this song is the subject of it?

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I think Lovers in Japan is the new single of which he has just directed a video for. All these snippets of their songs being played in the studio are also directed by him. I think they'll be part of a bigger picture/surprise that we havn't heard of as of yet.

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