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Alternate Name?

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I was listening to "Strawberry Swing" and Chris sings "Now my feet won't touch the ground..."


I also noticed that one of the songs that did not make onto the album was called "Now my feet won't touch the ground"


Could this have been an alternate title for "Strawberry Swing"?:confused:

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On ^ that note, my friends play in a band and couldn't come up with a name for a song, so they called up a friend who'd never heard the song or read/heard the lyrics, so he gave them the title "I Can't Buy You No Horses, I Haven't Got Any Money, There's An Old Woman Behind Me Riding An Alligator" (something to that effect; can't remember what the old woman was doing :)). They call it "Horses" for short.


But anywho, I do agree with bearcat. Ideas for song titles should flow freely, and personally I like the title "Strawberry Swing" more than "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground". Just a personal thing.

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