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Tour setlist and production = to Brixton??


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Now that there have been a few live (free) shows with similar setlists, do you think that this setlist is going to continue for their entire REAL tour? (starts with Life in Technicolor then goes to Violet Hill, etc). I know Coldplay has been saying that the tour will be a great production and well worth the money (ie with delaying the tour) but I am just confused/worried. It should be expected that Coldplay will feature the same setlist (just about) for the entire tour, and I am wondering if the setlist they have been playing is the ONE that they will play. Because honestly, it doesn't sound that great!

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The set list will change. The gigs so far, BNN, Brixton, Johnathon ross, Kimmel etc have been gigs to promot the new album so people who may not nessecarily like or pay Coldplay attention will hear there new stuff when watching. They can easily pack a 20,000 person stadium, promotion is the only reason for them apperaing on those sort of shows. The set list will definetly change from what it is now just like the twisted logic tour it will include a balanced amount of old and new.

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Also, I am talking in terms of production - those "magic balls" were indeed expensive but are they really that cool? I am just worried this new CD is going to be like Dave Matthews Band's "Stand Up" - ha if you know what I mean.

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So, as Chris said: We're still searching for the perfect hour and a half evening out.


Concerts will be only 90 minutes.


Brixton list (77 m.):

'Life In Technicolor'

'Violet Hill'


'In My Place'

'Viva La Vida'

'Chinese Sleep Chant'

'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'


'Square One'



'Strawberry Swing'


'If I Should Fall From Grace With God'


'Fix You'

'Lovers In Japan'


+3 songs


I hope, depends on country/city, it will be Don't Panic, Scientist, Talk, Speed of Sound, Cemeteries of London, Death and All His Friends, and 1-2 never hearing b-sides.

And exclude Fix You, pls!

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davebrown19, absolutely.

I know it's a little bit strange - but i don't like 'Fix you' very much. And 'Yellow' too. Also 'Violet Hill'.


I think Fix you and Lovers in Japan very similar and playing it both as encore a little bit ridiculous.

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What about length of the twisted logic tour?

Performances were about 2 hours or less?

Because free shows gig about 75 minutes.


well, the last tour had a 90 minutes set...


they should definitely include the scientist!! :cry:

the rest ist great, methinks.

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