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Lil Wayne Replaces Coldplay To Reclaim US Album Number One


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US rapper Lil' Wayne has returned to the top of the US Billboard album chart with 'Tha Carter III'.


The rapper's sixth album has exchanged places with Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends', which falls to number two. There was a consolation for Coldplay, however, as the band’s fourth album went platinum in its third week.


'Tha Carter III' sold 156,000 copies in the last seven days, according to statistics from Neilson Soundscan. The album, which sold over a million copies in its first week last month, has now shifted more than 1.68million units in four weeks.


Elsewhere on the new chart, 'Camp Rock', a Disney soundtrack which features the Jonas Brothers, stayed at number three for the third week.




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ugh... I really wish they would drop the video for Viva La Vida already. We all know that in America out of sight is out of mind, they really should have had the video ready when the song was at the top of the charts.

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well what you were expecting a uk band in nº 1 is awesome and of course lil wayne is gonna beat coldplay he is american, he is a rapper in usa that is really important and he recieves 100% of support from the rap radios so im happy that coldplay had a nº 1 album and nº 1 single in usa.721.000 copies first week and for a foreign band is superv i really dont mind who is nº 1 now coldplay had it and that is what that matters to me. and VLV video its not even out.

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I think greater success is to be gained by producing music to be enjoyed; to be trendy is to reduce the artists' palate. I'm just amazed Coldplay has gotten the recognition they have, as their music is unique more than it is mainstream, but of the highest quality! :)

Viva La Vida!

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